BRAND NEW HIT TRACK OUT NOW | EVIDENCE MUSIC After his victory as a French Reggae revelation by reggae.fr. Jahnaton returns with a new single: Kilowatts. Cleverly balanced mix between Reggae and Trap. Jahnaton proves to have mastered his avant-garde style which has forged his success and gives us Kilowatts, a powerful, heavy and energetic title, which shows us once again that Jahnaton defends a new Reggae. A unique and catchy sound that reinforces Jahnaton‘s status as a French Reggae revelation, sharp pen and powerful and catchy instrumentation Streaming & Download https://bfan.link/kilowatts Brand New Video ! Jahnaton “Kilowatts” Evidence Music Title : Kilowatts Music : Jahnaton Mix & Master : Nicolas Meury, Evidence Music Booking & Management : Evidence Music evidencemuzik@gmail.com Label : Evidence Music evidencemuzik@gmail.com Promo : Musical Impact musical.impact@hotmail.com Here below the promo of it’s… Continue reading JAHNATON “KILOWATTS”