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Sunday Reggae Roast
DJ SWAINY 'ROOTS AKA DJ ROOTS SOUL-JAH' Is the Founder Of Solution sounds which was first established in 1998 as a Pirate radio station (106.8fm) which went Live in and around the Aylesbury Bucks area. 'SWAINY ROOTS ' Was and still is musically influenced by the underground dance music scene. Close contact to and interest in organisations such as 'BAD BOY FM' the EXODUS collective ' DESTA NATION and long time party organisation Spiral Tribe Gave the 'SWAINY ROOTS ' the inspiration and drive to set up his own sound system as a community based project that would constantly move forward and help to expose Dj's and Mc's of all genres and backgrounds from the Underground Circuit. Solution Sounds and Co Workers of 'Swainy Roots ' have had theyre fair share of problems over the years, whether its been hanging from loft hatches were not supposed to be in for the radio or having sound equipment burnt or confiscated by angry police officers and residents, we always seem to have bounced back and taken the problems as 'Teething' and continued with the Struggle. Now in it's 26th year of continuity Solution Sounds and a 'Swainy Roots ' have found a place within the industry and underground market that they can fit into very nicely. Working alongside and promoting nites with organisations such as ONE FOOT SKANK 'REWIRE YOUR BRAIN' - 'OVER THE TOP' - the BLUNT BEATS CRU' - the AUDIOVAULT PROJECT and 'TWISTED FUSION' The Bass Invaderz ! Solution has Finally put it's name on THE UNDERGROUND CLUB SCENE in 2006/2007. After alot of hard work over the years and getting it all to where it is today Solution is now a fully thumping music pumping 5k head banger of a sound system. Although the system is still being added to at present (just to get that extra bass!) a SWAINY ROOTS now finally has atleast a little bit of time to do what he loves doing best, Having starting buying and selecting his new set of REGGAE and ROOTS back in spring 06'. Now with a masssive varied selection of all the above listed genres of Reggae, SWAINY ROOTS is getting regular slots at the events that he is promoting either himself or with the above listed organisations. You can keep posted to all DJ 'SWAINY ROOTS ' and SOLUTION SOUNDS INFO @ www.solutionsounds.org.uk * ONE LOVE.

May 17, 2019


Swainy ROOTS (SwainyRoots)

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