Juicy’s Empire Records “From Jamaica To Paris”

Greetings & Happy New Year !! I wish u an happy new year to your and your family… All the best for 2022… This year i will send u more music for more good vibes !!!! Brand new album produced by Juicy’s Empire Records From Jamaica To Paris Feat. Anthony B, Jah Mason, Perfect Giddimani, Lutan Fyah, Queen Omega, Tomawok, Tiwony, Straika D, Guive Out now on digital format | Official Release on CD 04th of February 2022 Juicy Empire is pleased to announce the official release of their album titled “From Jamaica to Paris” on January 2nd, 2022 in digital format and February 4 on CD. An album made up of 12 tracks, performed by the biggest names in Reggae Dancehall. The album will be… Continue reading Juicy’s Empire Records “From Jamaica To Paris”

Various Artists – From Jamaica To Paris

Various Artists From Jamaica To Paris Juicy’s Empire Records Easy Rocking feat Anthony B Bienvenue À Toi feat Straïka D Journey feat Queen Omega & Perfect Giddimani Gratitude feat Tiwony Gimme Some Dub feat Perfect Giddimani C’est Uns Tueuse feat Guive Watch The Signs feat Lutan Fyah De Paris À Kingston feat Tomawok (Tempo) Wise Up feat Jah Mason Comme Par Magie feat Guive Bad Boy Loving feat Perfect Giddmani Strong Like A Lion feat Anthony B & Tiwony

Video: Sista Jahan – Mama Earth Inv. Straika D & Mc Janik

#SistaJahan #StraikaD #McJanik | Sista Jahan – Mama Earth Inv. Straika D & Mc Janik | Extrait de l’album “Sa Man Yé” – Réalisation: Couleurs Graphik – Animation logo: Human Being Films * Follow @Sista Jahan – Site Internet : https://sistajahan.fr – Contact : sistajahan.booking@gmail.com – Drums : Romain Omaley Germerie – Bass, Guitares, Clavier : Jérémie CLERGUE (Jeh Jeh) – Chorus : Morgan BRIAND, Léa BONNARD (Eisa Music), Cless Shine – Compositeur : Jérémie CLERGUE (Jeh Jeh) – Auteur : Sista Jahan / Straika D / Mc Janik – Mixage: Fabrice BOYER (Fabwize) – WISE Studio – Mastering: Simon Caponi – BASALTE Studio

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