Donovan Kingjay / Prince Alla – I & I Livity / I Love Jah

Donovan Kingjay, Prince Alla ASM014 – “I&I LIVITY // I LOVE JAH” Ashanti Selah Ashanti Selah – Musician / Dub Producer hailing from the UK, is the eldest son of the world-renowned soundman, Aba Shanti-I. Keeping the Roots & Culture fire burning bright, Ashanti Selah is set to play a crucial role in the future of conscious soundsystem music.   ASM014 [Vinyl Pre-order Samples]

Donovan Kingjay – Rod Of Correction

Donovan Kingjay Rod Of Correction Solardub Records David Judah a veteran of 30 yrs Specialising in U.K DUB ROOTS AND ROOTS LOVERS. David started producing in the early 80s In1992 David launched Solardub Records with STEPPING OUT OF BABYLON. David is currently producing the HEBREWS vocal & Dub LP series. Latest release HEBREWS VOLUME 4   Rod Of Correction Keety Roots – Rod Of Correction Dub

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