Riddim Real Book [Boomrush Productions]

If you want to learn how to play reggae, want some musical information and analysis of a specific riddim or just want to be fit for the next reggae session . . . the Riddim Real Book is here to help. The Riddim Real Book is in the tradition of the classic Real Books and we’re collecting and transcribing all the relevant riddims that reggae musicians should know. I’m really happy for all the support I’m getting for the project. Right now I’m proud to say, that there are 15 riddim tutorials on YouTube and 18 in the free e-book – with many more to come. African Beat Riddim Answer Riddim Billie Jean Riddim Cuss Cuss Riddim Death In The Arena Riddim Duck Riddim… Continue reading Riddim Real Book [Boomrush Productions]

Simply Cat – Auf der Reise

Simply Cat – Auf der Reise // Germany Format: Album Release: 01.10.2021 Label: Boomrush Productions ISRC: -> Labelcopy Language: German Explicit Lyrics: No “On the Journey” comprises Simply Cat’s most outstanding songs from a period of 8 years and thus not only depicts the artist’s musical journey, but also an inner path that ultimately leads to “Unity” during this time. Reggae beats of renowned riddim producers form the track for the journey, which has at most the positive vibe in common with conventional reggae clichés. With attention to detail and her unique vocal style, the listener can accompany Simply Cat through a wide variety of life themes, inspirations and experiences and take away a feeling of “courage to grow”. 

Simply Cat – Auf der Reise

Format: Single Release: 01.10.2021 Taken from the Album: Auf der Reise Label: Boomrush Productions ISRC: DEOO32100801 Language: German https://simplycat.one/ “On the Journey” is the single from Simply Cat’s album of the same name and is the prelude to the musical journey. The journey as a goal, trust in an inner guidance and courage to be on the move are the inspirations of the lyrics, which are accompanied by a dubby riddim penned by Mista Martin.

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