Yendis – Mash Down Riddim Medley Mix

Featured artists: Lloyd Brown, Pressure Busspipe, Medisun Label: Lustre Kings Productions Download Format: Riddim Album Release: 23.07.2021 Language: English Zion I Kings are back to glorify the King through music, once again with the Mash Down Riddim. The 9th instalment in the Zion I Kings Riddim series. Mash Down is a fun, modern, funkified and driving take on the vibes that Sly & Robbie and Black Uhuru brought us in the roots reggae heydays of the late 70’s and early 80’s sound, laced with the modern, “HD Roots” sounds of today, Mash Down Riddim is sure to please reggae fanatics on any station, platform or festival show this season and beyond. With a host of contemporary reggae’s finest massaging the… Continue reading Yendis – Mash Down Riddim Medley Mix

Yendis Another Year Older – In the Reggae Submarine

Visiting Jamaica, Belgium, St Lucia, Brooklyn US, California US, Paris and back to Jamaica in the Reggae Submarine. Download ** Antenna Album ** Kosmo Sound – Aunt Sister Lydia Kosmo Sound – Teddy Dub (Christopher Lonneville Remix (Zephyrus Records) Taj Weekes And Adowa – Propaganda War Taj Weekes – Here I Stand Up Taj Weekes – Crisis (Jatta Records) ** Answer 2021 Riddim ** Jonny GoFigure – A Different Answer Luciano & Mikey General – Redemption ** Foodie Section for those particular about what they eat ** Sr Wilson – Foodie Session Phillipidon and Sgt Remo – When Wi Do Di Cookin’ Ras Takura – Jamaican Food (make you food be your medicine) MediSun – Summer Breeze Sara Lugo –… Continue reading Yendis Another Year Older – In the Reggae Submarine