Audio: Madi Simmons – Your Love Will Never Fade [Vibes Riddims]

#MadiSimmons #YourLoveWillNeverFade #VibesRiddims | Madi Simmons – Your Love Will Never Fade [Vibes Riddims] With creativity and soulful touch, Madi Simmons has produced a good song and spread a meaningful message to his potential listeners. Therefore, with consistent energy, the artist has produced a reggae song ‘Your Love Will Never Fade’. From the beginning of this song, the artist has used a rollicking electro-synth effect and the harmonic impact of the vocal took the song to a standard reggae song. Moreover, the guitar riffs within this song have led a colourful path for the progression of the music. Furthermore, the artist has divided the song into various musical arrangement layers so one listener would love to listen to the song… Continue reading Audio: Madi Simmons – Your Love Will Never Fade [Vibes Riddims]

Audio: Madi Simmons – People Have the Power

#MadiSimmons #PeopleHaveThePower Following the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the killing of George Floyd and the charges brought against the police and EMT’s in the killing of Elijah McClain, Madi points out what can be achieved by people power. “People Have The Power” by Madi Simmons was released on September 2nd on all leading download and streaming platforms.

Madi Simmons’s new single ‘LONG TIME YEARNING‘

American reggae musician Madi Simmons marvels the world with his outstanding singing in his latest soundtrack, ‘LONG TIME YEARNING/RIDDIM BY RIDDIM MAKERS’. Reggae is the soul of the entire musical universe imparting the message of peace and love. Seasoned recording artist Madi Simmons is successfully bringing out the true essence of the genre with his incredibly rich soundscape. He has recently released a new track named, ‘LONG TIME YEARNING/RIDDIM BY RIDDIM MAKERS’ on major streaming platforms, pleasing the reggae-lovers all over the world. The track opens with blissful instrumental beats that offer swiftly pick up the pace to match his power-packed vocal performance. The extraordinary symphony takes you to a dreamland of pure acoustic perfection calming your mind and soul. Hailing from the United States, the brilliant… Continue reading Madi Simmons’s new single ‘LONG TIME YEARNING‘

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