Audio: Gappy Ranks – Flowers

#GappyRanks #Flowers #KingI-Vier | Irresistible music production from long-time tastemaker / DJ / Producer, King I-Vier and Grammy Nominated production duo Loud City. “Flowers” will be a Reggae favourite of music fans for many years to come. UK Reggae Dancehall icon Gappy Ranks contributes the new one drop song “Flowers”. A livi-cation to the loved ones we’ve lost as well as paying tribute to those that are living. “Miss you like crazy, you know I think about you most of the time. The happiness and the joy that you gave me. I wish I coulda see you one more time, give you your flowers when you’re still alive”. A melodic reminder that there’s no time to waste in paying respect… Continue reading Audio: Gappy Ranks – Flowers

Video: Bobby Hustle & Loud City – Can’t Remember

#BobbyHustle #Loud City #CantRemember | Bobby Hustle & Loud City – Can’t Remember Bobby Hustle Biography: Bobby Hustle is what cultures colliding sounds like. Born in Seattle, Washington and raised on a diversity of music ranging from Irish folk to Motown and Otis Redding to Mozart, the Hustle fell in love with reggae as a twelve year old and the affair has never ended. As a result, his sound is rooted in modern reggae, but effortlessly blends in pop, rock and even hip hop sensibilities. Bobby has recorded and released songs with Sizzla (JA), Exco Levi (CA), Gappy Ranks (UK), Cali P (CH), The Movement (USA) and more. He has toured in the United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany, Poland,… Continue reading Video: Bobby Hustle & Loud City – Can’t Remember

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