Video: Element feat Nazamba – Freedom

#Element #Nazamba #Freedom #RiddimChangoRecords | Element feat Nazamba – Freedom [Riddim Chango Records] RCEP-008 Release Date: Early November 2021 Format: 12″ 45RPM / Digital, Streaming (Out on 26th Nov) Tracklist: A-1 Element feat. Nazamba “Freedom” B-1 Element “Xpander part 1” B-2 Element “Xpander part2” Video director by Doggytastes a.k.a. Hiroo Tanaka Freedom Lyric by Nazamba : Intro Strap from head to toe, ready fi launch out. Yes. Ready fi go. Can’t tek dem sufferation no more. All the scars dem a show. Verse1 Wi shot trough the bush like bullet,over the hill like breeze..down trough the valley like a shadow i was born free…circle den ends before daylight because what they are doing is not right,they’re trampling on… Continue reading Video: Element feat Nazamba – Freedom

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