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Video: Element feat Nazamba – Freedom

Video: Element feat Nazamba - Freedom

#Element #Nazamba #Freedom #RiddimChangoRecords | Element feat Nazamba – Freedom [Riddim Chango Records]

Release Date: Early November 2021
Format: 12″ 45RPM / Digital, Streaming (Out on 26th Nov)

A-1 Element feat. Nazamba “Freedom”
B-1 Element “Xpander part 1”
B-2 Element “Xpander part2”

Video director by Doggytastes a.k.a. Hiroo Tanaka

Freedom Lyric by Nazamba :

Strap from head to toe, ready fi launch out.
Yes. Ready fi go.
Can’t tek dem sufferation no more.
All the scars dem a show.


Wi shot trough the bush like bullet,over the hill like breeze..down trough the valley like a shadow i was born to.be free…circle den ends before daylight because what they are doing is not right,they’re trampling on our human rights,and that is why we have to stand up and fight.


Wi have trap pon di right presipit pin di left in front a mi a mi seh a net dem a set but dem kyah hold we dem kyah hold we
DEM have bomb pon the right gun shop pon the left big search light dem a search whole night but dem kyah find we dem kyah find we


Is a lucky thing wi leave that place,because by now our life woulda gone to waste..slave master beat us night and day wi afi mek a getaway getaway…so wi hide under cocoa leafe and yam bush watch dem wall dung ina di ambush,boy see the war and think a prom push,how yu fi war with the ancient kush ancient kush ancient kush..
When a Yaa Asantewaa powers we a push
King Shaka Zulu powers wi a push Kujo and Nanny dem powers wi a push
Marcus Garvey powers wi a push wi wi push
Sound the Abeng di boy dem a come
Wi nuh fraida dem knives wi nuh fraida dem gun
Skirmish line surround dem and done
Capture dem General and bring him come capture dem General and bring him come capture dem General and bring him come ..bring him come bring him come.
Warriors march off a di mountain, freedom come before month end before month end before month end before month end…
Go and Give this mecthes. to mr Sutton tell him seh me seh fi tell him seh is Freedom or nuttin freedom or nuttin freedom or nuttin …


The 11th single on the Riddim Chango imprint features a dub poet from Kingston, Nazamba. He dropped a debut single on The Bug’s Pressure label which followed by a full album on Dubquake Records. (Run by Europe’s leading soundsystem crew, O.B.F) The riddim is made by Element who is a co-founder of Riddim Chango records.
On the A-side, Nazamba’s earth-shattering and vexed poetry tells a true story of black oppression and the minimal tech-stepper riddim accelerates the power of the dub-poet. On the flip side, “Xpander” is instrumental stepper track influenced by 90s UK militant digital dub. It is built with layered Oberheim’s classic synth sounds and solid drums and bass. Low-end focused part2 has lesser elements with greater energy in a classic dubwise manner.
The 3 tracks on the 12” have been soundsystem approved for promised bass weight and balance.

(Japanse Ver.)
Riddim Changoのヴァイナル11作目はレーベル主宰の一人であり、Dub Meeting Osakaでの活動も活発化なHiroshi Takakuraのソロ名義Elementによる強烈なタイトルが発売決定!フランスのOBFのレーベルDubquakeでのリリースやThe Bugとの共演も記憶に新しいジャマイカン·ポエットNazambaをフューチャリングし、最強にキラーな作品が誕生。カップリングにはElement特有のスペーシーかつ重厚なDubステッパーをTake1, 2と収録。Dub Kazmanとのユニット、Night Scoopsでも聴けるキラー極まりない世界観をさらに詰めた衝撃のEPとなっております。また、Nazambaとの共演を記念してDubquakeレーベルが共同サポート。12インチ45回転でバチバチに鳴らすべき一枚、爆誕!今回からレーベルロゴを1-Drink(石黒景太)氏デザインに新調!

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