Video: Prince Alla – Rebel [7 Worlds]

#PrinceAlla #Rebel #7Worlds | Prince Alla – Rebel [7 Worlds] Music video filmed and edited by Anorak Productions for 7 Worlds Music video production supervised by Stephan “Colah Colah” Bygrave Song written by Keith Blake, Stephan Bygrave and Ole Schweder Big thank you to Steady Ranks and crew! Main Vocal: Keith “Prince Alla” Blake Harmony Vocal: Tishana “Pinky Famous” Darby Bass, Organ: Aston “Family Man” Barrett Drums: Ernest “Drummie Zeb” Williams Percussion: Dennis Yanez Electric Piano: Christian Cowlin Rhodes, Guitar: Ole “Lamek” Schweder Guitar: Dag Pierre, Martin “Stegan” Brostigen, Tobias Eide Larsen, Henrik “Pop-I” T. Seip Recording Engineers: Kasper Søyland, Andron Haase, Tobias Eide Larsen, Henrik T. Seip Mixed by Ken Fu Mastered by Nordenstam Mastering “Rebel rebel rebel… Continue reading Video: Prince Alla – Rebel [7 Worlds]

Audio: Prince Alla – Rebel [7 Worlds]

#PrinceAlla #Rebel #7Worlds | Prince Alla – Rebel [7 Worlds] Producer, Production Manager, A And R Administrator, Author: Ole Schweder Artist Vocal Engineer: Andron Haase Recording Engineer: Kasper Søyland Recording Engineer: Tobias Eide Larsen Additional Mixing Engineer: Andreas Eide Larsen Recording Engineer: Henrik Tronslin Seip Mixing Engineer: Kenneth Furre Vocal Producer, Author: Stephan Bygrave Music Director: Aston Barrett Arranger: Ernest Williams Author: Keith Blake Arranger: Henrik T. Seip Music Publisher: TONO Music Publisher: Prince Alla Music Music Publisher: Jack Russell Music

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