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Video: Mellow Mood, Lion D, KG Man, Porch & Forelock – Who God Bless [Aspekt Records]

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#PushingReggae #MellowMood #LionD #KGMan #Porch #Forelock #WhoGodBless #AspektRecords | Mellow Mood, Lion D, KG Man, Porch & Forelock – Who God Bless [Aspekt Records]

Official video for Who God Bless by Mellow Mood, Lion D, KG Man & Forelock
Produced by Aspekt Records

Filmed and edited by CineSculpt Studios in Bologna, Italy

Who God Bless
(T. Bai, D. A. Ferri, J. Garzia, L. Garzia, N. V. Loporchio, A. Puglia, L. E. Tovar)

Stream/buy here:

©℗ 2023 Aspekt Records


Who God bless I seh let no man curse
Bible preach and dem nah know that verse
Who God bless we seh let no man curse
Every spell get reversed cah dem thing dem cyaa work..

I don’t want no tribulation
Look how we fire blaze , yes I stay strong
Constantly fighting for the liberation of
Our people from dutty hands weh broke we nation
It’s a royal trend music we ah represent
Lyrics and meanings aimed to unearth di serpent
Even thought mi nah have no love fi share with government
A big Italian greetings mi ah shout out fi mi friends.

We jump pan a stage, sing fe di crowd
See how di music run inna wi blood
Dem wudda walk inna fe wi shoes
Try badda we when we inna di mood
Unity’s Strength, that’s how we roll
Every obstacle mussi removed
Cyaa stop wi journey, we ah do road
Have a new tune fe voice inna di booth
We ah di head corner stone weh di builder refused, yow
Cyaa underrate I and I neither tek I fe fool, no
Righteous yute ah get wi salute
Anedda soldier ah get recrute
Kg Man, Forelock, Lion D and Mellow Mood..

Don t give up the fight becaw di battle ah always hard but it worth it
Make sure seh anything yuh do inna life yuh put love inna it and you will be rewarded
Italian combination we ah sky rocket unnu betta watch we
Nobody cyaan stop we, even computer machine ah hopeless
Dem say good Lord, why we ah play so hard
Why we so bad, dem never were warned seh
No matta wah dem a do we raise we guard
All when dem play di best cards
Tell dem seh ah mellow mood, forelock, lion d and kg man

Nuh bada forget seh we badda than bad
Italian family this a no squad
Long overdue this yah combination enuh lord
Forelock, Lion, Kg and the twin dem a par
Love how unno dance and chant along to the song yah
Riddim yah bad it tougher than a hammer Lawd Mercy
Mi rather boss rubadub and dub and stuff every day than follow back a man
Blaze the fyah hotta than a sauna
One yah affi blaze inna every corner
KG kick it like a Maradona

We come from Italy my breden present the riddim to the KG Man officially
I listen to Shabba sing Ting a ling a ling a ling a ling
Me and my G dem wah rich
The money me a pray
I say the new generation try to live a better life a better time
We nah wah the water inna di pipe
Don’t kill my vibe
Dream bout’ new jeep mi drive
Everything alright
Mi friend dem rise, rise rise
The youth dem rise
Are you meke in to the top
The change a come
Babylon system fall
Strictly Rub a Dub
Strictly Rub a Dub a Dub
Alright this is KGMan


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