Video: Jesse Royal – Natty Dread – Easy Star Records

Video: Jesse Royal - Natty Dread - Easy Star Records

“Smooth Sailing is not the only thing that matters in relationships which is why so many things are failing… Understanding, compassion and compromise is key to me!”

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Video Directed by 38 Studios (@thirtyeightstudios) Video Produced by Shari Bedasse (@shaa.ri)
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About Jesse Royal: Hailing from Maroon Town and the Distric of Orange in St. James, Jamaica, Jesse David Leroi Grey (aka Jesse Royal) would befriend Daniel ‘Bambaata’ Marley at school. This friendship would evolve and fuel the passion for music already burring inside Jesse. Alongside producer Kareem Burrel, the two created and composed music together, honing their skills. Jesse Royal recently released his debut mix taped dubbed ‘Misheni’, meaning ‘The Mission’ in Swahili.

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I've been around the music business since I was a boy, and gained my skills in the late 80's and early 90's when i moved with the FOUNDATION SOUND mans dem. I joined R N T in the 90's...

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