Video: Ras Biruk & RasTewelde – Reggae Music

#RasBiruk #RasTewelde #ReggaeMusic | Ras Biruk & Ras Tewelde – Reggae Music One of Ras Biruk Barky favourite track and new unique combination and a videoclip with Ras Tewelde ! Follow us on Ras Biruk “Barky” ራስ ብሩክ “ባርኪ”@rasbiruk barky ራስ ብሩክ ፀሐይ(ባርኪ) እና ራስ ተወልደ – ሬጌ ሙዚቃ (ድር ቢያብር ጅብ ያስር)Ras Biruk Tsehay(Barky) & Ras Tewelde – Reggae music Lyrics IntroWe love reggae music Ras Tewelde Ras Biruk ina combination Ras Alula Pon di composition Shashamane Hookሬጌ ሙዚቃዬ Reggae music time ሬጌ ሙዚቃዬ እዎድሻለሁ 2x Chorusበሬጌ ሙዚቃ እንተባበር (let’s cooperate through reggae music)በሬጌ ሙዚቃ እንመካከር (let’s connect through reggae music)ሬጌ ሙዚቃ ላንድነታችን (reggae music for our unity)ሬጌ ሙዚቃ ላአፍሪካችን (reggae music for our Africa) Verse ስለሰላም ፍቅር… Continue reading Video: Ras Biruk & RasTewelde – Reggae Music

Audio: Lion Sitté – Keep it Blazing (feat. Ras Tewelde & Asante Amen)

#reggaeenespañol #reggae2021 #LionSitté #KeepItBlazing #RasTewelde #AsanteAmen Singers: @lionsitte.oficial feat. @asanteamen_official ?? & @rastewelde ??  Music Prod: @mrdalismusic Recorded at @bongonyahrecords Mix & Máster: @mpirestudio Art cover : @weaponklathfilms BUY / STREAM : Amazon: LISTEN on Spotify : ———————————————- Artist : Lion Sitté Collab: Ras Tewelde & Asante Amen Song : Keep it Blazing Year : 2021 ———————————————- LION SITTÉ Website : Social Networks: Instagram:… Facebook: YouTube Channel: Spotify:… CONTACT-Lion Sitté: RAS TEWELDE Instagram: Facebook: Spotify:… CONTACT-Ras Tewelde ASANTE AMEN Website : Social Networks : Instagram:… Facebook: Twitter: Spotify:… CONTACT-Asante Amen : ———————————————- [Big thanks to Lion Sitté for allowing us share this… Continue reading Audio: Lion Sitté – Keep it Blazing (feat. Ras Tewelde & Asante Amen)

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