Video: Nupah – Jail Of Glass [Fat Bird Recordings]

#Nupah #JailOfGlass #FatBirdRecordings | Nupah – Jail of Glass [Fat Bird Recordings] Download Self Love is the name of the new Nupah’s Showcase produced by George Palmer. This is the previous work before the complete album scheduled to be published throughout 2023. After a year of work, and a few singles done, this showcase has everything to introduce this duo to the Spanish reggae scene. When it comes to creating music George Palmer & Nupah has no limits. Self Love is made up of 3 new original songs written by Nupah. Nupah made these songs from a very personal perspective. She tells her own story and experience learning to know and love herself from a very young age. She… Continue reading Video: Nupah – Jail Of Glass [Fat Bird Recordings]

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