Rebelution – Reggae Old School Feeling

Rebelution - Reggae Old School Feeling

One of the most successful reggae groups of the 21st century, REBELUTION, have announced the release of their anticipated seventh studio album, IN THE MOMENT, out June 18 as a joint venture between the band’s 87 Music label and NYC-based Easy Star Records.
Today’s release, “Old School Feeling”, celebrates the influential reggae music to which REBELUTION’s songs have often paid homage. Late last month, the band debuted the album’s first single, “Satisfied”, which landed on 61 playlists across DSPs and racked up over 1.5 million streams in its first week.
Recorded remotely in the midst of the pandemic, the new album is deliberate and wideranging,  infusing the quartet’s soulful, exhilarating brand of modern reggae with addictive pop hooks, alt-rock grit, and hip-hop grooves. The performances are bold and selfassured, and the production is equally ambitious, drawing on swirling reverb and trippy delay to create an immersive sonic universe that’s both futuristic and vintage all at once.
But will tell you more about the album soon. For now please enjoy “Old School Feeling”.

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