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Lyrics: Martei Korley – Money [Kassamara / Martei Korley]

Lyrics: Martei Korley - Money [Kassamara / Martei Korley]
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Martei Korley – Money (Official Lyric Video)

Download / stream link https://song.link/marteimoney

In Martei Korley’s latest composition, “Money,” the universal narrative unfolds—the poignant tale of the common man’s daily strife, where the urgency of survival eclipses the lofty dreams of opulence. Within this melody, the essence of need emerges as a dual force, both an inspiration and a veiling mist that shrouds one’s vision of the future. A call resonates for each of us to embark on that crucial first step, individually correcting the imbalances that the universal struggle with “Money” brings to light.

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