Steel and Stone ‘Heavy On My Head’ (produced by Fahbro)

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The idea for Heavy on My Head begins with a roots-reggae instrumental with deliberately 
modern characteristics, produced by Fahbro (Psalm Collective).

The positive mood of the song is the glue between the traditional and the contemporary, an imaginary bridge between a glorious past and a present that seeks to innovate while maintaining its roots.

The production of Heavy on My Head took more than a year.

Producer Fahbro coordinated the musicians involved, weaving together diverse experiences, with one goal: to produce a track that results in a clear mix of poetry style and melodies that recall reggae revival lyrics.

Brantley MacDonald, the vocalist for the Dutch band Steel and Stone, perfectly interprets the mood of the single with a warm, inspired voice in keeping with his renowned meditative style.

The drums, carefully played by drummer Tommaso Pol, are crisp and enthralling; the percussion, 
 entrusted to the skillful hands of Meekman Drums, characterizes the song, which drags along indul ging an ancestral, tribal cadence.

Riccardo Lorusso’s guitar lines add a delicate touch with hints of rock.

Heavy on My Head was mastered by Manuel Scaramuzzino (Master Your Track).

The graphic design is by Pablo Macias, who best interpreted the song’s concept of the Yin Yang, of opposites that complement each other, between urban landscapes and pristine nature.


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