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Audio: Sublime – Garden Grove Vocal Dub (Scientist Mix)

Audio: Sublime - Garden Grove Vocal Dub (Scientist Mix)
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Throughout their meteoric run in the 1990s, Sublime were never shy about their awestruck devotion to dub music. “Dub music was the gateway between my love of reggae and psychedelic rock music,” drummer Bud Gaugh once said. “I love the way the drum and bass is so mesmerizing and the studio effects can take you places far off and away while just sitting there in your room. But be careful while driving, you may end up in another state!”

Thanks to a new collection of Sublime remixes, you’re liable to do just that—drift off into a beatific realm. That’s because two of the greatest minds are on the project: Dub royalty doesn’t get much more regal than Scientist and Mad Professor, and here they are—remixing Sublime classics like “Caress Me Down,” “Santeria” and “April 29, 1992” with zonked humour and cosmic panache.

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