Back When Tigers Smoked by NST & The Soul Sauce (노선택과 소울소스)

NST and the Soul Sauce are back with their sophomore release entitled Back When Tigers Smoked. It is a fresh batch of roots and dub from the reggae powerhouse out of Seoul, South Korea. Throughout 12 tracks, the band shows off their love and knowledge of all Jamaican music while keeping their feet firmly planted in East Asia. From listening to this, or any of NST and the Soul Sauce’s offerings, it’s obvious the members are true students of roots reggae. There are delightful Korean touches sprinkled throughout: Kim Yul Hee sets the mood on Red Tiger with a soulful and trance-inducing Pansori (traditional Korean opera) croon over the top of a Sly and Robbie-like groove; Kwaengwari (traditional cymbals) crash… Continue reading Back When Tigers Smoked by NST & The Soul Sauce (노선택과 소울소스)

Video: Samuel Suh – Never Fail [Fresh Flamez Entertainment]

#SamuelSuh #NeverFail #FreshFlamezEntertainment | Samuel Suh – Never Fail [Fresh Flamez Entertainment] For Gospel Reggae music lovers looking to experience the music video for “Never Fail” from indie artist Samuel Suh, the wait is over! South African based, and Cameroonian born artist Samuel Suh has released a new video for the 2nd single titled ‘Never Fail’, a track from the ‘Faithful & True’ Album, which was released on the 5th of November 2021. This comes after the release of the “Strengthener” music video which is the first single from this project. The music video is a celebration of the victory in Christ Jesus and the assurance that He has never failed and will never fail.

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