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  Greetings I hope you're doing well. It's full-on summer and the vibes are great. I've spent almost every day playing basketball, cycling, and enjoying being outdoors again as we slowly open up here in Toronto. I've recently started creating short production tip videos aimed at sharing my methods of creating music, recording, arranging, dubbing and more. There are three videos currently available so if you're interested drop by my youtube page here   DUBBING UP YOUR SNARE TRACK BASSMENT SESSIONS RADIO SHOW My one-hour radio show that comes out each Friday is available for download/stream. It includes reggae, dub, hiphop, jungle and beyond. There are 60+ episodes available https://dubmatix.podbean.com  

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Tad’s Record Releases Infectious Music with Reggae Virus First Dose

Tad’s Record Releases Infectious Music with Reggae Virus First Dose   Reggae music is infectious, and Tad’s Record has compiled a project that is bound to have a contagious impact on all listeners!   This musical concoction is filled with lyrical prescriptions from some exceptionally talented messengers that will uplift your spirit.      Glen Washington   This is what Reggae music is to millions of people across the world. When you think of Reggae Virus First Dose this is what should come to mind: Reggae artists who skillfully coin and arrange music to heal, incite deep thought, and simultaneously entertain. This album is the healing to an aching world, plagued with negative actions and thoughts.    Reggae Virus First Dose… Continue reading Tad’s Record Releases Infectious Music with Reggae Virus First Dose

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Musical Kick Off Tuesday @ 19 GMT- England : Germany

And tomorrow . . . its Kick off time England : Germany with Yendis (playing Reggae from England) and Queen Easy (playing Reggae from Germany) alternately. 01 – 03 pm Mexico D.F. 02 – 04 pm Kingston 03 – 05 pm New York 19 – 21 pm Gambia 20 – 22 pm London 21 – 23 pm Amsterdam / St. Pauli

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