How tone deaf police misunderstand music

As a musician and a policeman, I’ve watched as the police have consistently misunderstood and stigmatised black music and the people who make it. When I hear the complaints about Drill music, I hear echoes of the way things have always been.

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Who to watch for the 2021 Grammy Awards?

Koffee was the first female and youngest person to win the Reggae Grammy in 2020. This year’s Eligibility Period has now closed. Protoje, Skip, Gargamel, Toots and Scratch are among the contenders. Who should get it?

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Feluke has died

Master percussionist and songwriter Denver ‘Feluke’ Smith is dead. The songwriter lost his battle to stage 4 colon cancer while in Mexico on Saturday. He had reportedly gone to the North American country to undergo another round of cancer treatments.

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