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Xana Romeo – Selassie I Forever

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“Selassie I Forever” is a song by Xana Romeo, a rising reggae artist from Jamaica. Xana Romeo is the daughter of legendary reggae musician Max Romeo, known for his hit song “War Inna Babylon.” Following in her father’s footsteps, Xana Romeo has carved her own path in the reggae music scene with her unique style and powerful messages.

“Selassie I Forever” is a tribute to Haile Selassie I, the former Emperor of Ethiopia and a central figure in the Rastafari movement. The song expresses reverence for Selassie I, who is considered a divine figure by Rastafarians. The lyrics reflect the spiritual and cultural significance of Selassie I and the impact he has had on the Rastafarian community.

Xana Romeo’s vocals and the song’s melodious reggae rhythms create a soulful and uplifting atmosphere. The track blends traditional reggae elements with Xana Romeo’s contemporary style, delivering a fresh and captivating sound.

Through “Selassie I Forever,” Xana Romeo pays homage to the roots of reggae music and showcases her talent as a singer and songwriter. The song not only highlights her musical prowess but also celebrates the Rastafarian faith and its enduring influence on reggae culture.

As an artist, Xana Romeo has been recognized for her unique voice, thought-provoking lyrics, and her ability to infuse her music with spirituality and consciousness. “Selassie I Forever” is an example of her commitment to preserving the reggae legacy while adding her own artistic touch, making her a notable figure in the contemporary reggae music scene.


‘Donate to the Xana Romeo Foundation – supporting young Mothers in Jamaica: https://www.facebook.com/xanaromeofoundation/


Lyrics: Max Romeo
Sung by: Xana Romeo
Drums: Bob Pearce
Bass: Ross Erlam
Keys: Calvin Bennion and Cyrus Richard
Guitar: James Shepherd

Produced by Nick Manasseh

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