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Video: Marcus Gad & Tribe – Ready For Battle [Tamal]

Video: Marcus Gad & Tribe - Ready For Battle [Tamal]

#MarcusGad #Tribe #ReadyForBattle #Tamal | Marcus Gad & Tribe – Ready For Battle [Tamal]

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Marcus Gad & Tribe – Ready for Battle – single : https://Baco.lnk.to/ReadyForBattle

Directed by hood.mov

Special Thanks to Nakao Nemba, Nandita Fasolo, Martin Sroczynski The whole crew @ La Belle Terre NC, Florent & Etienne @ Faa Marip Oasis

Lyrics/lead : Marcus Gad

Composers : Jean Hoareau, Franck Paulin, Nicolas Duchamp, Raphaël Baldy, David Garcia, Clément Thouard

Drums : Jean Hoareau

Bass : David Garcia

Guitar : Nicolas Duchamp, Raphaël Baldy

Mix : Clément “Tamal” Thouard

Mastering : Alexis Bardinet

Production : Clément “Tamal” Thouard

Lyrics :

Fi save earth diversity

Fi keep al our dignity op

Preserve our human integrity


They wanna destroy the natural order

They wanna mix up di father and mother

They wanna drive us towards a disaster

They wanna slave us and track us fi di dollar

Dem have no love for demself or no other

Dem show no love unto the spirits of the water

How could dem ever guide the people through the fire

When they show no respect at all unto the father

Whatever plan ina dem evil agenda

The keepers of the soil will never surrender

The wicked men will have to runaway for cover

When the people decide to run dem regime ova


Ready for battle

Mother Earth a general

Ready for battle

Only one original

Ready for battle

The lord above a neva partial

Regain our sovereignty

Preserve endemicity

Practice naturality


Dem a criminal

Dem wanna destroy the natural

Dem a belial

Situation a critical

Yes dem hysterical

And dem wan burn dudung dudung dung everything natural

Till all is dead deadeadeadeng dem want a funeral

Yes dem want push us to the edge believe dem a prophetical when dem a just a belial

So let’s be logical

Every word come out of their mouth a matter fecal

And everything they bring about a detrimental

They wanna control everything be it a mineral animal vegetal

It a perpetual

And dem a feed the children wrong ina subliminal

Using all that they can even up di sexual

Dem a confusing everything in our mental physical spiritual

Dem want us drift away from anything essential

Believe obscenity is nothing very special

And from a youth a go destroy any potential

We must defend our children from abomination


Save our dignity

Preserve earth diversity

In the name of all livity

InI and the children are ready for battle

To stop the wicked men from destroying the whole a creation

Life is the only option


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