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Video: L’entourloop ft. Kabaka Pyramid – Rock Mi Nice [X-Ray Production]

Video: L'entourloop ft. Kabaka Pyramid - Rock Mi Nice [X-Ray Production]
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Listen to “Rock Mi Nice” ft.@KabakaPyramid, taken from L’Entourloop new album, available

♦︎ L’Entourloop “La clarté dans la confusion” new album (VINYL)
♦︎ L’Entourloop “La clarté dans la confusion” new album (CD)

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🙏 @KabakaPyramid & @ghettoyouthsintl label

Production Company: Gwaan Films @gwaanfilms
Director: Pete Beng @thepetebengtheory
Producer Coordinator: @shaa.ri
Director Assistant: Sherkhan @sherkhan_to_raatid
Set Assistant: Sean Tenn @seantenn
Make Up: @kikigrandprix
Stylist: @shampagnex
Color Grading : Ghislain Rio @couleurs_de_rio
Lead Talents: Taneilla Francis @ghaneil_ / JR @jr_congoman
Dancers: @smilez4god @pancho_cautiion
BTS : @kayla__wheeler

Master by Studio Polycarp
Mix by Tony Bakk

Lyrics :
And you know its Kabaka Pyramid alongside L’Entourloop Doh
Kingston Jamaica to France connection
Rastafari Selection
Accurate, Immaculate
Well Skibbly beng beng beng
Hah hah hah
Watch ya

Rock mi nice and easy
Rock mi nice and slow
Kabaka P up pon di riddim like a lizard pan a limb a coulda track a coulda live band show
Deh one yah name
Rock mi nice and easy
And mi seh
Rock mi nice and slow
Kabaka P up pan di track like a lizard inna yuh lap a mek yuh jump off yuh feet and…

Yuh rocking with the bebblerocker lyrics chopper
Man a kick it like a tickie tacka when mi flip it propa
Kontraband mi ship it packed and every inch it squashed
All tin he engine man a fit the ganja,
heavy till it sicking unda
Lawd wah do some willie wanka
Seh them lyrical but tell dem man a bring the tanka
Thing them wah mi spit it stinker than a shity pamper
Or the clothes them up in the hamper cause mi hot like in Sri Lanka..


Nice and easy like an ocean wave
Bush to the bone when I come out pon stage
Every magazine them have wi pan front page
Them love off wi style and wi pattern them straight
Listen to mi song dem haffi concentrate
Rastafari mi giving thanks and praise
And everyone from Kingston to France them rate
Reggae music suh mek yuh hands them wave


And dem yah thing yah mi a rock, mi nah guh rock ova
Name brand original, dem a nuh knock over
And every verse a one tek, mi nuh affi shot over
And this a only four bar go tell them its not over
Cah man a specialist mi lyrical expression is perfectionist,
reflection in the mirror is the only one can step to this
Mi intellect on exhibit, the density of rhymes inna mi verses so excessive
So just …..


Rock with me
Rock with me for a minute or a second mek mi show yuh wah mi deh pan.

🇫🇷 Le collectif L’Entourloop nous emmène en Jamaïque pour le clip de leur collaboration déjà incontournable avec Kabaka Pyramid. Un classique mêlant Reggae et Hip-Hop, extrait de leur dernier album La clarté dans la confusion sorti le 10 juin 2022.
Nous suivons donc le lauréat du Grammy du « meilleur album reggae de l’année 2023» interpréter Rock Mi Nice aux quatre coins de Kingston. Un studio de radio, une rue haute en couleur, une place publique, partout où il passe une foule, des passants, des chanteurs et des danseurs s’ambiancent et suivent ses pas, comme touchés par la vibe contagieuse du protégé de Damian Marley.
Avec Rock Mi Nice, L’Entourloop et Kabaka Pyramid incarnent à merveille le retour au premier plan d’un reggae toujours plus universel.

🇬🇧 L’Entourloop takes us to Jamaica with the music video of their famous collaboration with Kabaka Pyramid. An instant classic mixing Reggae and Hip-Hop, taken from their latest album La clarté dans la confusion released on June 10, 2022.
We follow the award winner of the “Best Reggae Album Grammy 2023” performing Rock Mi Nice throughout the streets of Kingston. A radio station, a living colourful street, a town square, in every place he walks in, people join him singing and dancing and get caught by the contagious vibe of Damian Marley’s protégé.
With Rock Mi Nice, L’Entourloop and Kabaka Pyramid embody the future of the ever universal Reggae music.

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☛ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KabakaPyramid
☛ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/kabakapyramid/

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