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THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE – Jallanzo feat. Damia COMING – January 28

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THE VOICE OF THE PEOPLE – Jallanzo feat. Damia

COMING – January 28


We are living in a new world order. This is a time when face to face human interaction has been smothered and lives have been re-aligned. When people are unable to come together to share personal experiences and to speak their truth, musical medicine is a soulful escape shaping a fractured reality into a more sane and logical whole. As activists, breaking the chains of mental and physical bondage is critical to freeing ourselves from a dysfunctional environment. 

During pandemic isolation, Jallanzo and Damia spent many intimate hours in their garden planting and harvesting, as well as in their studio writing and producing. The fruits of labour resulted in The Voice of the People” breaking the mechanical doldrums of house arrest and serving as a wake up call for the people to speak their minds. We the People are the foundation of the world, and our voices must be heard. 

The Voice of the People” is a powerful song of exquisite sensuality. One is immediately intoxicated by Damia’s hauntingly ethereal voice. The lyrics speak to the people’s will to determine the trajectory of life, and the instrumentation presents an underlying groove of familial love. Creativity combined with emotional devotion produced Jallanzo and Damia’s first child in congruity with an outspoken plea for vocal unity. Parenthood and social activism are twins. The track was first conceived from Jallanzo’s album Dubbin’ It & Luvin’ It. The song is outstanding lyrically, vocally and instrumentally.

Damia ” I am humbled by the consistent support that shows up for my musical endeavours.  All of my instruments were given to me, and the people in my life that show up are incredibly talented musicians that want to collaborate. For that I am forever grateful and excited to keep creating.” 

Jallanzo: “This song is for the people, to remember that we have the power; not the government, not the banks, not the elite. We the people need to stand together in this time because these are serious and dreadful times we’re living in.”         

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