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Taj Weekes “Pause” – A profound reflection of the times

Taj Weekes – Pause
// St. Lucia-USA
Cover: Taj Weekes - Pause
Format: Album
Release: 09.08.2021
Label: Jatta Records
ISRC: -> Labelcopy
Language: English
Explicit Lyrics: No

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File under: Reggae

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In 2020, Covid-19 brought the music industry to its knees. Taj Weekes was not to be stifled by the loss of touring opportunities or the psychic demands of quarantine. His mind worked overtime, synthesizing a new reality, imposed by a humanitarian crisis unlike any other in our lifetime. In odd synchronicity, hundreds of thousands died from the raging virus, while black political activism in America was simultaneously ignited from the death of George Floyd. The resulting Black Lives Matter movement imposed hard decisions on many social activists to choose between live demonstrations in the streets or to stay home in the safety of isolation. Many forged ahead, some did not. It was a struggle for survival in the direst of circumstances.

Taj poetically captured this stunning reality with a profound reflection of the times by writing deeply rooted emotional lyrics that comprise his new album, “Pause.” Taj believes this could well be his most outstanding album to date.

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