Audio: Slim Levy & Tribuman – Mister Cooker [BAT Records]

#SlimLevy #Tribuman #MisterCooker #BATRecords | Slim Levy & Tribuman – Mister Cooker [BAT Records] EP “Cooking Sessions” : Video directed by Boris Lodel Production : Bat Records Composed and Recorded by Slim Levy & Tribuman Mixed by Thibaut “Slim” Levy Mastered at BAT Records studio by Dr Charty Harry the dog as Mister Cooker (thanx Fabrice from 1_2_3_bordeaux) The EP “Cooking Sessions” is the first release from the two multi-instrumentalists Slim Levy and Tribuman, a four-track journey towards a raw dub and old-school rub-a-dub sound. “Cooking Sessions” was composed as a tribute to the Jamaican music of the 60’s and 70’s, and was mixed with a contemporary lo-fi sauce that was cooked in an artisanal way in the… Continue reading Audio: Slim Levy & Tribuman – Mister Cooker [BAT Records]

Pinnacle Sound – Soul Medicine

Pinnacle Sound Soul Medicine BAT Records   Choices Menorah Come On Board Stay Alert Silence I Can Do The Same Thankful She Does It Better Psalm 2 Cowbell Skank She A Di Best Perilous Game Last Words Soul Medicine by Pinnacle Sound

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