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“REGGAE VACCINE” compilation album ft. Julian Marley, Anthony B, Shatta Wale, MORE – 12 Songs/17 Artists – Listen/Order Here

 Julian Marley Leads Compilation
12 Songs/17 Artists
Release date June 4, 2021

Julian Marley | Shatta Wale | Anthony B | Bounty Killer | Ed Sheeran | Jethro Alonestar Sheeran | Gyptian | Mojo Morgan from Morgan Heritage | Wayne Wonder | Chezidek | Jah Vinci | XRay | Choruz | Cashan | Oven Boss | Vyzadon

In a period of Earth’s history where the use of the word ‘vaccine’ must surely come a close second to ‘pandemic’ or ‘COVID-19’, the producers are making a bold statement with an album dubbed Reggae Vaccine.

 Executive Producer Sean ‘Contractor’ Edwards from Contractor Music joined forces for this production with Urban Angel, Digital Production and Top Braff Entertainment.

Now avail on Pre Order:
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The son of Bob Marley, Julian Marley, headlines the new Reggae Vaccine Compilation, an album featuring various Reggae artistes. Julian Marley leads the album with a love song entitled “So High”. Julian says it is great to be working with Contractor’s Music Marketing and describes the headliner song “So High” as a wicked acoustic rhythm produced by Richard Roach. He says “It’s like a love song on clouds with the guitar as the clouds and we are floating on the clouds with the melody and the lyrics.”

On his recent tour, the song “So High” was performed
and well received by fans.

Sean “Contractor” Edwards reveals that it was certainly a strategic and logical move for Julian Marley to own the headliner for the album, as the Marley name is the biggest brand name in Reggae Music and continues to be one of the biggest known brands in the world. He says, “Music from the Marley’s represents healing which is needed in these times of the pandemic, which is also being reflected in increased sales of music from the Marley’s. This is the Reggae Vaccine and it is for helping to heal people in the pandemic.”

Edwards goes on to emphasiz
e that you need a Marley to heal the people who are in emotional crisis in these times. He recalls meeting Julian Marley for the first time in London and the impact that his performance and personal interactions had on him, which blossomed into a friendship.

He describes him as a multi-talented artist, not only vocally but instrumentally. He knew from then that he wanted to work with him so when the opportunity presented itself, it was an easy call, and expects a great impact from this album.

The Reggae Vaccine Compilation Album is now
available on all digital platforms.

Now avail on Pre Order:
Apple Music

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