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Horace Andy – Broken Beats 2 – New Album by Echo Beach

Horace Andy - Broken Beats 2 - New Album by Echo Beach
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Horace Andy

Broken Beats 2

Echo Beach EB158
CD / Digital
Vinyl (special edition broken beats 1 & 2)

Release Date  28th of May 2021

Echo Beach is now releasing his new album “Broken Beats 2” with new versions by artists such as Noiseshaper, Dreadzone, Soul Sugar, Dubjestic, New Bladerunner of Dub, Black Star Liner, Adam Prescott, Danny T & Tradesman, Jah Schulz, T-Jah, Madaski, RSD, Irie Worryah, Dr Dubenstein, Subatomic Sound System, X.A. Cute, Hoboken HiFi, Adubta, RSD, Dub Spencer & Trance Hill, Umberto Echo, Oliver Frost, Dubblestandart and his hits “Money Money – is the root of all evil” , “Skylarking“, “Do You Love My Music“, “Cuss Cuss” and others! 

Echo Beach has now picked up on this tradition – and the much older tradition of versioning – by asking friends of the label to rework Horace Andy’s classic tracks in their own sound outfit. But this time the label hasn’t trawled old Studio One tapes for historic vocal snippets – that would soon nineties; no, Horace Andy personally put in an appearance to sing new versions of his classic tracks on top of timeless and contemporary riddims…

“Broken Beats 2”

Echo Beach EB158

CD / Digital
Vinyl (special edition broken beats 1 & 2)

Release Date  28th of May 2021

CD’s Tracklist

1. Skylarking (Noiseshaper Version)  3:32
2. Cuss Cuss (Misled Convoys lockdown level 4 Version) 6:51
3. Cuss Cuss (Subatomic Sound System Version) 4:48
4. Bad Man (Madaski Version) 4:36
5. Money (Adubta Version)  3:36
6. Money (Adam Prescott & Booker Gee Version) 3:58
7. Do You Love My Music (Black Star Liner Version) 6:04
8. Cuss Cuss (T-Jah Version) 4:03
9. Money (Black Star Liner – “evol roots money mash” Version) 4:29
10. Money (Dreadzone Version) 5:17
11. Money (Hoboken Hifi Version) 4:25
12. Money (Irie Worryah Version) 4:42
13. Skylarking (Soul Sugar Discomix Version) 6:16
14. Wicked Babylon (Jah Schulz Version) 4:30
15. She Say (Dubjestic Version) 5:19
16. Skylarking (New Bladerunner Of Dub Version) 4:42

Digital Bonus

1. Bad Man (Madaski Dub Version)
2. Skylarking (Adam Prescott Version)
3. Skylarking (Danny T & Tradesman Version)
4. Bad Man (X.A.Cute Version)
5. Money (Subatomic Sound System Version)
6. Skylarking (Dr. Dubenstein Version)
7. Wicked Babylon (Jah Schulz – DUB Version)
8. Money (Madaski – DUB Version)
9. Money Madaski – DUB Poetry Version)
10. Money (Hoboken Hifi – DUB Version)
11. Cuss Cuss ( T-Jah – DUB Version)

Vinyl’s Tracklist

A Side

1. Bad Man feat. Million Teeth (Rob Smith aka RSD Version)  5:34  
2. Cuss Cuss (Subatomic Sound System Version) 4:48 
3. Wicked Babylon Must Go Down (Dub Spencer & Trance Hill vs. Umberto Echo Version) 6:30 
4. Skylarking (Oliver Frost – Eva Be´s Dub Version) 5:48 

B Side

1. Do You Love My Music (Black Star Liner “special” Version)  6:04  
2. Money Money (Dreadzone Version) 5:15 
3. Skylarking (Noiseshaper Version) 3:30 
4. Money Money (Dubblestandart Version) 6:40 

Horace Andy
“Broken Beats 2”

Although his merits as a Roots Reggae singer go back to the 70s, Horace Andy has always loved experimenting: he recorded two albums with the British Dub master Mad Professor (who also transformed Massive Attack’s “Protection” into “No Protection”); for a track on the “Inspiration Information” series by Strut Label he let house master Ashley Beedle work with his voice. 

For all the other musicians featured here – is always on the spiritual identity of the songs and the deep respect they have for the 40-year career of an exceptional artist. The beats may be broken, but the voice most certainly isn’t. This album will ensure that this incredible voice is never forgotten. 

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