Here is the release announcement of the new EP “Positive Way” by the group FRENCH TOWN scheduled for October 15th in CD and digital format. We invite you to discover the universe of the group thanks to the 1st extract and video clip “Treat your right“, 1st track of the album which will be sure to please Reggae Roots lovers!

A very rock/blues guitar for this soulful Reggae. French Town has found within himself the need of love to give a boost to this Love, and this, despite the pitfalls of all kinds.

The theme of this title is the desire of bringing well-being to the woman you think about, to make her escape from her fears, and convince her to walk on Positive Way, with complete freedom, a value dearly cherished by the Reggae, and make her feel like she is special to you, a queen, your Marvel… Treat her right man.

You will also be able to appreciate the whole project throughout these 5 titles and 2 dub versions by downloading the promo kit !!

Available on digital format !
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French Town “Treat you right”
1er extrait de l’EP “Positive Way”
Track Listing :
01 – Treat You Right
02 – Some Love
03 – Judge Not My Friend
04 – Woman
05 – Lady
06 – Treat your right Dub
07 – Some love DubMusiciens :
Moon : Leal Vocal / Backing vocal
Fabio : Basse / Backing vocal
Sam : Batterie
Moctar : Claviers
Kubix : Guitare
Junior Rodriguez : Percussions / Backing vocal
Rico Gautier : Sax
Label : Pouleup Prod
Artistic Director : Mounir ‘Moon’ Kouadsi
Diaspora Rockers Studio
Black Sun Recordings
EMC School
Mix & Mastering : Sebastien Houot – Wise Studio
Artwork : Thierry Casamayor / KZA Prod
Distribution : Baco Distrib
Booking :
Format :  CD & digital
Promotion : Musical Impact
French Town is a Reggae group of the Paris area created in 2017, created by Moon (Composer and lead vocal), Fabio (Bassist) and Marco (Drummer).
His music is inspired by the greatest groups of Jamaican Reggae of the 70ies, who have made dream and grow each musician of the band.
They just enjoy singing and putting to music feelings : love, respect for differences, open mindedness, empathy, as well as freedom, human condition, hope and resilience.
Each song is written and composed by Moon, lead vocal of the band, the arrangments being combined by French Town.The group had to overcome a difficult start, Marco’s sudden abandon, immediatly after the first two concerts of the group, and later, during four years, the turnover of musicians.
This did not prevent the band from continuing its musical production. On the contrary, the way was marked out, since French Town started to collaborate with pro and semi-pros musicians !
In summer 2021, Moon decides to call his friend Sam Koné to record the drum of “Positive Way” scheduled for the autumn.
Sam requests Moctaru Wurie for the synth part, while Kubix plays the guitars and Junior Rodriguez the percussion. The strength of this EP comes from the groove provided by each musician’s experience.
And the crowning achievement occurred with the 1st signing at the distribution company Baco.
You have understood, this EP could had     never emerged. It is the result of unfalling motivation and enjoyment for music of the two founders. Beyond music and lyrics, it’s a bit of French Town soul which is shared in this EP. Either fond of Reggae roots music or not, enjoy the listening, all of you. Turn it up and just let go, full watts night and day !As soon as the numerous compositions were successfully completed, French Town started to perform on stages, as here on the right at the Hangar in Ivry-sur-Seine, on March 29th 2019.
Then, on June 15th 2019, still in Ivry, on the same stage where Fianso, and then Jamel Debbouze have later performed, on the occasion of the “Ivry-en-Fête festival”.
The 6th arrondissement of Paris hosted French Town, on June 21st, at the Fête de la Musique. Then several concerts in various bars and cafés-concerts of the Parisian area have been scheduled to take place in the summer and autumn.
In 2020, French Town repeated the concerts in Paris, on January 24th on the canal-boat “Antipode” ; on February 7th on the canal-boat “Cinéma”, on March 7th at the “Gambetta”.
Many dates had been scheduled for 2020 : “Hip Hip Hip Jura” in April, “PAM Festival” in May, “Roots Reggae Festival” and “Festif Art” in July… All of them postponed…
French Town played many Livestreams,
among which the concert of January 23rd 2021 for the NGO Vahatra involved in Madagascar’s development, aiming at raising funds to fight famine in the south of the island.
La Grosse has ben interested in French Town as shown in its two articles dated August 19th and December 23rd.
The adventure is just beginning…
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