Lila Iké – Batty Rider Shorts   In.Digg.Nation Collective / RCA Records n Lila Iké – Batty Rider Shorts (Audio) Stream / buy link LYRICS: I see them dealin wid the youth dem like an asset Selling out wi daughters fi put money inna dem pocket Gun the yute dem lock it from before dem in dem teens No English, Mathematics, just a ‘matic in them jeans Say a that a di regime autocratic with the scheme Cycle nah go stop it as dramatic as it seems Our children they have dreams, In the eyes I see the gleam We need fi make them know say them a King and dem a Queen-Pre-chorus- When the little girl a walk… Continue reading LILA IKÉ – BATTY RIDER SHORTS – IN.DIGG.NATION / RCA RECORDS

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Start Studio One – Ska Authentic – LP Unboxing 24 seconds

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I've been around the music business since I was a boy, and gained my skills in the late 80's and early 90's when i moved with the FOUNDATION SOUND mans dem. I joined R N T in the 90's...

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