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ALAM unveils a new luminous and melodious track “RISE”

ALAM unveils a new luminous and melodious track “RISE”

Brand new track
Out now on digital format | Asso Solumas

Faithful to its values, ALAM unveils a new luminous and melodious track.
An invitation to elevate ourselves, to grow, in joy. The joy of being together and of sharing the love of music. A return to the light after a difficult period of isolation, an invitation to dance, sing, celebrate, and thus rise!
A dynamic and catchy piece, where we can hear a mixture of digital sounds, influenced by English sound systems, mystical guitars which carry us away from the beginning of the piece. Then comes the voice of Marie, also mystical, before getting to the heart of the matter thanks to her excellent flow from the first verse. Until the chorus that opens the doors to light and joy, inviting us to shine, to rise up. So we can appreciate the images of the clip, sets of sunrise, serenity and peace, in which Marie sings and dances, wearing the most beautiful of smiles. She’s able to make us fly away with her sweet melodies, as well as making us jump with her excellent flow !
The track was arranged by the famous riddim maker Matthieu Bost (BOST & BIM).
A beautiful and very successful collaboration! 

Available on digital format !
Deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Bandcamp,…

Mix/Prod : Mathieu Bost
Mastering : Simon Capony
Video : Rémi
Author : Marie Biguereau / Olivier Lerole
Compositor : Marie Biguereau
Arrangements : Mathieu Bost, Olivier Lerole, Joel Riffard, Quentin Immola, Kitsana Baccam, Guillaume Brissiaud
Label : Asso Solumas (Autoprod)
Booking : Vegaprod – Cyril David : cyril.vegaprod.booking@gmail.com 06 85 79 23 81
Promo : Musical Impact musical.impact@hotmail.com
ALAM is a French reggae band composed of 6 musicians. Its lead singer Marie has a soulful, both sweet and powerful voice. She’s able to make us fly away with her sweet melodies, as well as making us jump with her flow rap, ragga !
In the service of conscious texts this music is a true medicine, full of joy and love .
On the border between the sensitive and the sensible, sometimes all it takes is a little help for our senses to awaken and lead us towards a better elsewhere. Gently, for more than a decade, this is what Alam has managed to do, taking us, over the course of his albums and his concerts in a universe where consciousness and dreamlike go hand in hand, where the bottom never does fade in front of the form, a generous ballad that does good to our bodies while opening up to our minds the field of possibilities. After more than 850 concerts, 3 albums and an EP noticed by the public as well as by the critics, Alam takes back his pilgrim’s baton to carry the good word of a deep and intense reggae, evolving with time towards modern sounds, and embellishing their music with a committed and energetic flow, adding touches of rap, ragga to its heady melodies, ALAM is  preparing its 4th album for 2022!
ALAM means Nature, the World (in Indonesian and Arabic). Also means “to know” in Tagalog (Philippine Dialect).
ALAM was created in 2008 by lead singer Marie. The band very quickly recorded an album of very roots original compositions, “Premier Souffle“, and began to make a name for itself locally by playing in all the reggae trendy places of the Atlantic coast, and also quickly played on big stages in 2008 and 2009, with artists as SOJA (The Krakatoa, Mérignac), U Roy and Pablo Moses (Room Pierre Cravey, The Teste of Buch), Danakil, Alborosie, The Skatalites, Le Peuple de l’Herbe  …In 2011 ALAM released a 2nd album named “Family“. Very touching, beautiful, and matured thanks to 2 years of creation and concerts. They earned a beautiful article in reggae.fr (Lenie). The singer Marie recorded all the songs being her first child pregnant ! Their music matured, both in the voice of Marie who changes, and in the production. They continue to make its place on the reggae scene in France (Reggae Sun Ska 2011, Darc Festival with Tiken Jah Fakoly …)
Their meeting with the Jamaican Kiddus I allows them a great collaboratio : This must-have artist of the 70’s era, who can be heard featuring on one of the songs on the album (Dis moi Man), sticks to the roots and positive spirit of the group.In 2014, the group experienced some changes in the team of musicians, which slows the pace of creation. They released an EP “Un autre Chemin“, 5 titles, and they will play on the Reggae Sun Ska stage in 2014. The singer Marie has a beautiful round belly, soon mother of her second child!

The band will take some time in the creation phase to finally release their third album in 2018. A long-time album, in which is highlighted the whole identity of the group, which makes us hear different influences. A reggae album tinged with dub, rock, hip hop. This album was produced in collaboration with Boris Arnoux, bassist of the DANAKIL group, as well as Damien Coutrot, sound engineer of the same group.
Also on this album, a featuring with the Scottish singer SOOM T on the title Freedom.
Since its release, the album has been broadcast all over the world, including on BBC Radio Xtra One in England, in David Rodigan’s program, and in Canada, South America, Portugal, Italy, Spain, Switzerland , Germany … etc …
ALAM went touring all around their country and even in England ( One Love Festival )on many big reggae festivals to play their beautiful album on stage ( Reggae Sun Ska, Rast’art, L’Ascension du Son, ZION GARDEN, NO LOGO FESTIVAL ) with many international other artists.

ALAM is now preparing several singles that will lead to a 4th album in 2022. After a first single, Flowin (November 2019), that was realased just before the Covid crisis, they are now releasing RISE, in collaboration with the famous french riddim maker Mathieu Bost, from Bost & Bim. ( « Skanking Sweet », Chronnix ),

Another single will be out in January.
In this new album to come, Alam will work with Mathieu Bost, who helps to arrange severals ALAM’s song, in collaboration with the band.
A new album will be released in september 2022, and 3 singles will be out until then.

With more than 850 concerts to their credit, the band is to discover especially in concert, because it is on stage that the music of ALAM makes all its sense, leaving us the heart full of love, joy, positive energies!

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