Audio: Da Fuchaman – I Feel Good [House Of Riddim]

#DaFuchaman #IFeelGood #HouseOfRiddim | Da Fuchaman – I Feel Good [House Of Riddim] Taken from the Kenyakibera Riddim. This reggae song ‘I Feel Good’ is a celebration of life and love between all mankind; it is full of positive vibes with a very uplifting vibration. it was written and performed by Da Fuchaman and produced by House Of Riddim. It is now available on all major music platforms some of which you can find using the link below. Thank you to Miss Cherie and Kalei McHugh of my Fire Blaze Band for these amazing backing vocals on the track.

Video: Nyle Banks – Kush Grandaddy [Nyle Banks Music]

#NyleBanks #KushGrandaddy #NyleBanksMusic | Nyle Banks – Kush Grandaddy [Nyle Banks Music] Born Nicholas Levy in the Cassia Park community in Kingston 10, Nyle Banks and music were an inseparable pair. Growing up, he would find inspiration from musical greats like Sizzla, Burning Spear, I Wayne, Damian Marley, and Richie Spice, but it would be his brother, Songwriter/Recording Artiste Neu Mowatt who would ultimately become his biggest influence. Mowatt made a name for himself in the music scene, and while Nyle was intrigued by his brother’s talent, it wasn’t until the age of 9 that Nyle would find himself learning to write songs thanks to Mowatt’s teachings. During his teen years, Nyle Banks would find himself moving to Portmore, St.… Continue reading Video: Nyle Banks – Kush Grandaddy [Nyle Banks Music]

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