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The 'G' rating applies to content that has nothing in theme, language, reference to sexual activity, violence, etc. which would be offensive to parents whose younger children listen. Some snippets of language may go beyond polite conversation but they are common everyday expressions. No stronger words are uttered. The reference to violence is at a minimum. Explicit references to sexual activity are not present; nor are there any references in favour of hard drug use.

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    17:00 GMT on Sunday
    Good Vibes Slackness free selections - Music for the Globe

Upcoming Shows

  • dj745

    Friday 19.00pm
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    DJ 745’s Irie Jamms Show features the best in roots reggae old and new every week. Artist interviews, album reviews and the Fire Fridays Anthem. DJ 745 says ’Save the Vinyl’
  • red lion

    Friday 21.00pm
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    Red Lion Shows are sprinkled with music from roots, old school reggae (Studio One, Treasure Isle etc) to his renowned "Warm and Easy" selections of Lovers rock including a twist of sweet soul/R&B music. Everyman does his thing a little way different. Kick back and relax to a musical treat online.
  • CNT

    Sunday 17.00pm
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    Good Vibes Slackness free selections - Music for the Globe

    Sunday 18.00pm
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    Lovers specialist plus playing the best in Reggae and Cultural music
  • Miss Mitten

    Sunday 19.00pm
    Tune in every Sunday at 8pm UK time to hear the dulcet tones and dubwise selections of Miss Mitten.
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