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WEEDING DUB “5 Years on The Road” Storming Dub 7 inch

For the third release on Storming Dub Records we are proud to have on our roster one of the more talented dub producer from France: WEEDING DUB.
He’s well-known for a good amount of killer dubs released over the years which have been played all over Europe and beyond from the biggest Sound Systems on the scene.
This tune has been inspired from the current situation of illegal immigration as the producer himself told us:“Some weeks ago, I was working with musicians in the south of France, close to the Italian border with the Alps mountains.
I was there during one week and the musicians explained to me that many people from Africa get there on foot through the
Alps from Italy to France. “Illegal” immigration, you know..
One day, we were smoking a cigarette outside between 2 rehearsals, and we see an african youth arrive,
straight from the mountains.
It was very cold outside, the guy was wearing a t-shirt, short pants, and small shoes…
We spoke with him, we fed him, his name was Mohammed, he was 24 and came from Africa.
He explained to me that he started his trip on foot 5 YEARS AGO to try to change his life in Europe.
So, the tune is livicated to this guy, and all “illegal” migrants.”
Side A: 5 YEARS ON THE ROAD Weeding Dub
Side B: 5 DUBS ON THE ROAD Weeding Dub
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