David Corleone – Le Son de la Vie New album

David Corleone, producer, author, composer, performer, director, animator, has been wandering for more than 20 years in the world music, reggae, dub international landscape where he produces music and video clips for well-known artists of the scene such as: Omar Perry, Cedric Myton, Daddy U-Brown, but also for emerging artists such as: D-Wa, Mike Mo Lion, Daddy Mystik Lion…  Born in Belgium, raised in Sicily, adopted by Morocco, awakened by Asia… Thanks to his multiple travels around the world on a spiritual quest, David Corleone literally transcends his life path and his music is the essence of it. He sings in the language of Molière and Shakespeare, but he also speaks well in the language of Dante and Cernantes. The… Continue reading David Corleone – Le Son de la Vie New album