Audio: Rastacoustic – Virus Crisis [Boom One Records]

#Rastacoustic #VirusCrisis #BoomOneRecords | Rastacoustic – Virus Crisis [Boom One Records] Boom One Records is pleased to announce the release of Rastacoustic’s debut single Virus Crisis. Virus Crisis is a direct reaction and response to the CoViD-19 Pandemic. This tune has a classically catchy lead line along with fresh, feel changing breakdowns throughout. Rastacoustic’s respect for roots reggae along with a classic drum and bass sound gives this song an old-school reggae feel. Niceness! Lyrically it’s a reminder for humanity to come together to battle the CoViD crisis and overcome the pandemic as a united people worldwide. The B-side of this digital 45 features a dub remix from the Tokyo based music producer 3000 Worlds.

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