Video: Johrise Jojoba – Décibels [Association Project]

#Décibels #JohriseJojoba #AssociationProject | Johrise Jojoba – Décibels [Association Project] Johrise Jojoba is a Reggae artist with Ragga Hip Hop and World Music influences. It was in 1999 that he began singing Hip-Hop. In 2002, he began to sing Reggae Dancehall and Reggae New Roots, and then mixed these different styles. He acquired stage experience thanks to several concerts in the first part of international artists. Johrise Jojoba is a performing artist with several gigs under his belt. Intermittent of the show, he likes to share the good vibrations with his public, whether in DJ training, live band or even in acoustics. Johrise Jojoba is a state of mind, positivity, simplicity and fraternity. Bringing people together through his music is his… Continue reading Video: Johrise Jojoba – Décibels [Association Project]

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