Nothing To Hide, Nothing To Fear by King Scruffy

Nothing To Hide Nothing To Fear - King Scruffy

King Scruffy’s latest release ‘Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear’ is a four track roots/dub EP, two tracks and two dub
versions, bringing his signature conscious sound of heavy, slow, roots reggae dub.

  1. Empathy
  2. Pack Your Shit
  3. Empathy Dub
  4. Pack Your Shit Dub

Having crafted a true masterpiece of creation, Scruffy’s deep melancholic atmospheres accompany his subtle melodies and steady thumping rhythm section to take you on a dub voyage to the roots and beyond. Highlighting the growing threat to our civil liberties, how information is being hidden from us and how we are turning against each other.
Now Is the time to Unite! This Is our planet!

‘Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear

The worlds freedoms are slowly being eroded. As the narrative changes from one manufactured crises to the next, more and more restrictions, taxes and laws are being placed on the global population.

We cannot live in a world where everything we say, everything we do, everywhere we go and everyone we meet is monitored and recorded. A world where journalists are jailed for doing their job. Where truth becomes a crime.

WikiLeaks editor and publisher Julian Assange is facing a 175-year sentence for simply doing his job as a journalist and publishing truthful information in the public interest. The Julian Assange case is the most vicious attack on press freedom in history. Julian is a freedom fighter, he fights for freedom, against torture, illegal wars, freedom from surveillance and manipulation. Every aspect of this case is profoundly unjust. There is no legal case against Julian, all there is an indictment based on lies.

Now more than ever we need freedom of information and journalists who work for the people.

We need the courage to speak out and act.

End this prosecution, protect free speech and let Julian come home to his family.’ – King Scruffy

releases October 15, 2021

Produced by King Scruffy
Mastering by Kris Kemist
Artwork by Yellowhammer Prints

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