Famous Reggae studio remembered in Tooting

Famous Reggae studio remembered in Tooting

In a Caribbean bakery on a bustling road in Tooting lies an unusual secret. Mixed Blessings, on Mitcham Road, now serves bread, buns and patties, but it was once home to a famous recording studio.

In the 1970s-80s Tooting Music Centre (TMC) hosted some of the biggest names in the business – from Black Slate, Sly and Leroy Smart. Legend has it Bob Marley once walked the studio’s halls.

But in 1987 the studio faded away, after the owner Bernie’s son was killed by a drunk driver, and it became a bakery shortly after.

Out of all the sounds coming out of the studio, Reggae was the most prominent.

This month, a blue plaque has been funded by the public to mark Tooting’s lively musical history.

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