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Brand new album by Manaky – Reborn

Brand new album by Manaky - Reborn

Out now on digital format | Evidence Music

Reborn” album is not only an authentic representation of 70’s-80’s reggae sounds and tradition, but a pure manifestation of keeping the genre alive by slightly adding new flavours to the well known patterns in balance. Their songs diversely vary between the sophisticated Wailers-like “70 Times” and the Roots Radics influenced rub a dub anthem “Reborn”.
The band members took care of the whole album creating process, in recording, mixing and mastering everything to achieve the real “foundation” sound.

Their label Evidence Music helped finding the right artist to feature on the focus track “Meditation” in the person of UK MC veteran Brother Culture, who’s hits such as “Supanova” and “Jump Up Pon It” are well-known all around the world .The singer’s roots melodies and the raw deejay style complete each other on top of the powerful stepper rhythm, not to mention the “Dean Fraser-like” sax play.
Ábel Regős director and Borbála Judit Nagy graphic designer created an amazing video using multiply artistic techniques just like in the former Manaky clips, they’ve been in charge for the band’s visual image in the last year. “Meditation” is about the struggle of modern society for finding inner peace, as the tendency of focusing on irrelevant factors is way stronger than appreciating the very moment we’re living in.
As a majority of the album reflects on self knowledge, self-esteem issues and emotional barriers, they decided to name the album “Reborn”, so it could represent a positive vision of change.
Other songs are more political, “Someone” deals with the legacy of Martin Luther King and the struggle for basic human rights, whilst “Border” clarifies the connection between abused post colonial countries and migration. A lot of work and effort have been invested in making this album in the recent years, all small detail speaks for itself, representing their true love of reggae music and it’s cultural heritage.
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Manaky feat. Brother Culture – Meditation
Brand new video taken from the new Manaky”s album
Album teaser
Promomix : Manaky – Reborn
01 – Manaky – Rebron
02 – Manaky – Meditation feat Brother Culture
03 – Manaky – Border
04 – Manaky – From Time To Time
05 – Manaky – Won’t Let Myself Down
06 – Manaky – Kyana Run Weh
07 – Manaky – 70 Times
08 – Manaky – Don’t Act Like
09 – Manaky – Rushin
10 – Manaky – Someone
11 – Manaky – WorkCREDITS:
András Kálmán – organ, clavinet, rhodes, keyboards
András Koroknay – bass https://www.instagram.com/sunmamusic
Zsolt Krecsmáry – drums, vocals, percussion  https://www.instagram.com/masaladrums
Ákos Pásztor – saxophone, flute
Murad Abbas – trombone
Péter Zoltán – trumpet
Sebestyén Harangozó – lead guitar  https://www.instagram.com/bellboysmusic
Brother Culture-mc – Guest artist
Recorded, mixed, mastered by Manaky at Studio Einz
Label: Evidence Music  https://www.instagram.com/evidence.music/
Booking : scratchmary@gmail.com
Originating from Budapest, Hungary, drummer-singer Zsolt Krecsmáry, keyboardist András Kálmán, and bassist András Koroknay developed a passion for Jamaican music while they were still attending high school.
At a very young age even before they started their musical partnership they performed on stage backing reggae stars like Lutan Fyah and Empress Ayeola. They subsequently formed the group Manaky – through which they could channel their artistic freedom without any compromises while keeping real and authentic Reggae music as a core of their compositions.
But what does this mean exactly? Forget all the stereotypical cliches that attach themselves to this particular genre. The sound is fresh, innovative, vibrant and catchy. Their style is a healthy blend of the various sub-genres of Reggae, as well as anything that might currently be influencing the band members. With their lyrics centred on the problems and opportunities present in today’s society, they pay homage to conscious thought awakening words, that were once a trademark of Reggae music but now seem threatened by extinction.
This passion and energy are radiated to the audience during their live shows as well often accompanied by backing vocalists and brass section. The members’ interest and training in audio engineering and subsequent work in recording studios endowed them with the skill to truly create a sound of their own. Usually, they record and mix their songs themselves to have full control over the final result.Manaky officially debuted in 2016 with a self-titled album which was released without any label, distributor or PR agent.
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