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Audio: Medisun – Ancient Memories [Zion I Kings / Galactic Soul Music]

Audio: Medisun - Ancient Memories [Zion I Kings]

#Medisun #AncientMemories #ZionIKings | Medisun – Ancient Memories [Zion I Kings / Galactic Soul Music]

Medisun and Zion I Kings team up again to follow last falls impactful single, “Speak Love” with an inspiring, meditative and soul chilling roots song, igniting the listeners medulla oblongata. A slow, deep, driving, rhythm and blues inspired progression sits just beneath Medisun’s touching and powerful performance. The track opens a portal for each person to reflect on their personal journey as well as the greater spiritual mission of the human family. Medi sends us back in time, to another life in an ancient dimension with a sublime picture of his ancestors, channelling through his delivery.

“Western science is only recently catching up to what our African ancestors have long known about cellular memory and the intergenerational transmission of quantum information via our genetic code. In other words, I received this smooth, contemplative riddim track from Moon and was instantly transported into an ancient vibration. From the river Nile bank, to west Africa, to the trans-Atlantic experience that brought my ancestors into the Caribbean, a mosaic of sights and sounds came forward. Roots reggae music is a tradition that bridges the gap between future and past. I’m grateful to be a part of the movement to maintain our culture for this generation and those to forward.”
– Medisun

Any listener of Midnite, Akae Beka, I Grade Dub or New Caledonia’s Marcus Gad will be familiar with this calm, disciplined, Virgin Islands drawl on the rhythm. Medisun’s enlightened lyrical content , coupled with live drums, deep bass , Rhodes Piano, acoustic guitars and a live string section set this record in a special, bright place that invites you to take a moment for self reflection, inner connection then to share the sonic experience with others.

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